Tips on how to get a better house Today!

Well i thought about how many people house in wizard101, i thought about writing about all the ideas that you can do with houses since it first started it does help to have someone who knows a little about how to make each room special in it's own way, The houses differ from what you can do if you were to build a red barn farm with plants in the houses as well as outside maybe you could go with a plant room, you could add ferns and trees and maybe glitch some things on to the tree. I think if you can make one good plant house with it. I had a few ideas if you don't own this house if you have a school house then i would make seem like the opposite school type lives there, i would add fire things to the ice school so that way people can't tell what school you are. Why would you do this. Some person might say. well you would do this because it's fun and what better way to make someone confused than to stick fire things in a ice house. When i think of all the things everyone in wizard101 has done, i really do feel proud than i can call my self a wizard. I would love it if you could share you ideas in the comments and maybe post pics of what your house is like.

Here are a couple of photos in my house, well at least the before of it:

Garden Gear

Sorry i have not made a post in two weeks i sadly had a lot on my mind like homework and etc. Anyways i want to talk about energy gear which is very useful in wizard101, it's the difference of planting and training your pet to mega or even fishing to having to wait two-three days to get what you could already get from just simply buying a couple packs( let's face it a hundred packs), A crown shop gear or even getting one from a drop. So the other day i was doing a waterworks run like most high level wizards who hate tartarus and got a drop that i have only got once in my life. which is a boot that give +8 energy to the person wearing it. I like this idea of us getting good energy gear as drops. I read at duelist that they have a this guide that tells you gears from drops, crafting, crown shop and packs which i find to be really cool. You get to do theses things in a wizard game you would not expect to be in one. I have founded out that if you do the spiral cup, than you have a chance to get energy gear from packs as drops which i tested as sadly no luck. That could be due to the fact i only went once and did not go after that. When you are a low lvl wizard the energy on gears can really boost you and this also works for high lvl wizards don't want to leave them out of this, Say if you have 100 energy on you and you were to put on the energy from the wyvern pack that gives 69 to you and rings and anthem which gives like 12 that gets you a total of 181. That is a huge difference in fishing, training and gardening. If you would like a link to the guide i used in order to get gear it is here: