Emperya, Pets and Things


While I once said that I would be back very soon, I did not know how long that would be. I do apologize for never writing something a day, week or even a month after writing the post saying I would be back. I do hope that you will forgive me and continue to read my blog. It's not something I mean to do in fact most of this was caused by my schooling, you see I have decided to continue my studies in two majors and not one making it very time-consuming. However, I digress and must say that I am back and ready to help anyone in any kingisle game. So I thought since today was my first time writing in a while I would discuss something mellow and laid back, hmm how about wizard101, which has been jam-packed with a new world, a world that can be beaten in 17 hours (i needed to know the ending to this) and oh boy was I happy to find out. That is very mellow and laidback but how about we take a new route instead let's talk about the pets in the world we play and the one we live in. I recently got a parrot, named Libby and boy is she a treat. Libby kinda looks like the macaw from wizard101 except less red and more purple. I found her at the pet store where I got my use to be missing cat named Ollie. Another new face is my dryad pet named miss holly, a pet my life wizard cannot live without. If I don't say so myself miss holy and Libby the parrot could be related. Although I would not count my feathers on that. Thank you for reading and I hope to continue to be a source that you can trust.

A Post for A New Beginning

Welcome Back, All yer Long time viewers boy it's been a very long time since i posted a post. With new things in the spiral i must make sure that we get things first settled with everything that already happened. The Wizards were on their way to defeat old cob and the pirates were are there way to defeat the pirate queen, they also received a bunch of new pets to collect from drops or packs and hybrids of old pets. We will see a lot of new things in the future and while i may have taken a back seat for wizard101 and pirate101 but i still am your Kingisle gamer and will make sure that you get the best information that is out there. Thank You for being Kingisle Gamer yourself and watch out for new things to come in the future, because like the game we are always expanding.

Wizard101 Jewels

the jewels that i have seen and collected since the fateful day when we got them, i have been finding more and more about them. i think there are very useful one's although i do think that there could be improvements to what we have so far. but how am i to talk i can barely juggle my life as it is and i don't have a idea how kingsisle does it. I want to say that by now you know your opinion on what is useful and what is not useful so i won't bore you with what i think, i'll just leave that to other people to tell you what you should do which is not a bad thing but at this moment i am no way able to make a guide for you the readers. i once decided to make a blog with duelist101 and they by the way have one hell of a community, people were so nice i kinda think sometimes to go write another piece there but then i think i can't do two blogs at the same time. so i stop. i hope everyone continues to read my blog despite the fact i have not been on here since the summer.

Blue Bird Event

This was a great day for all twitter users and wizard101 players,because today is the blue bird fishing event. It started out as a meet up and then got into fishing. You might say it was both of them. Next year will be different. Oh right i forgot to tell you that this will yearly thing every time on the june 20. I hope to see a lot more people next year, but i did have alot of fun and went fishing that was maybe some of the best to date for me.

Well i will see you around and have a great day

The New Wizard101 Update

Well it's time for that year in the spiral were we get a new update for spring, Like spring cleaning except without cleaning and instead with Update. The Biggest Update In A while brought new things like Jewel socketing for anthem,rings and amulets. These bring new and creative ideas to what our wizard could do. I have a lot of jewels, the one i think would be the most useful is peirce. There will be guides in the future for all your jewels need, if i find it will post it. I would like to apologized for how long i have not written post, i will start back up not only to say what i have to say, but to give you all the info required to succeeded in battles, farming and even jewel hunting.

Bling Deck

Excuse me for this important announcement we got new info on a update that may come to the spiral, in the new newsletter we got info that states we may get new bling decks. Now it may not seem as a lot but to us wizard101 fans it is. The new bling decks will most likely have new stats on it which we may  have never seen before. Those stats can help us defeat the next boss and what not. i think that the bling decks will bring stun to us and maybe give us the opportunity to get a spell that give our team immune to stun or what ever it does. this may not be a in depth post on this, but there is not a lot to go on.  What does this mean for future gear and how does this help us? are question i will answer as soon as i get the info.

The link will help anyone : https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/newsletter/

The PRE-Crowfall Spectacular

The game that has been hitting every one's mind is that of a game called Crowfall, this "Throne-War" MMO is all about a character in which you control a character of the 12 that are pre-made. This game is brought to us by j.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have made game such as wizard101 and star wars just to name a few of what these inspiring guys have done. The game sets in a two world where you are either have unlimited resources or a campaign world where there is limited resources for you to use. The map is divided up into sections which are by easiest to hardiest is eternal kingdom,  the infected. the shadow and the dregs.  As time goes on your hero can collect disciplines which can alter your abilities and strengths, those are archery,  blacksmithing and bounty hunter. In my case i would go archery it seems like it would be the funniest to do and great range ( if you have ever played ash in LOL than you might get when i say i hope it is like that.)  They needed a 800,000 goal from kick start but they have gotten to the point where they are over it and have reached one million which is a big set goal for them. I might play this game just to see if it is good or not. my laptop seems to be overheating when it comes to play games like this so fingers crossed that it works for me. If i am able to play the game then you can expect that i will write everything down for my readers and then i will post it as soon as i can.  I will have to wait to write my next post i am on the 6th beta group so i will not be able to see all the new info. Does not seem right to give a donation to something that i feel might not even be fun to play in till it comes out.  If you do want to give a donation or register here are the links to bother of the sites


The Event of Wizard101

Well before i start i would just like to say how sorry i am for not making a post in a while due to laptop failures,but never the less i am back and ready to inform all my readers of the event of wizard101. Now there is no wizard101 birthday coming up or a event in which i could express my feelings of it. Since this is the first post i thought i would write about the event that started it all and my point of view. I joined this great community last year and i have gotten a lot of help from people who were more experience in being a social wizard. I use to just play wizard101 because i thought it was the best game i had ever played and then when i figured out you could blog about this wonderful spiral my characters live in it not only opened my eyes but changed how i would play the game forever. You must being thinking is he just talking about being a wizard101 player on social stuff and the answer is no, because i have yet to tell you how i got to this place in time.
When i was around 12 years old i came home one day and my older sister informed me that she started playing wizard101 (she has sadly stopped playing now due to her getting bored of it) which i see how she could have gotten bored, when you first start off at a young age and have no way of getting membership, you will finish the free part of it and just stop playing. Maybe wizard101 would have more people playing if you could access more content as a free player, not saying that i am not grateful just saying i and others might get bored if all we can do is play up in till Triton avenue which is not hard at all to get to.  Anyways as i was saying i begin to play that game after my sister got me into the game, we tried to get other family members into our wizard101 group but it did not come as natural to them as it did to us. we simply played and then stopped. My birthday was just around the corner and i had decided that i wanted a wizard101 membership card and just a regular membership card i wanted the first every one to come out. I wanted the super bundle which came with the first ever second person mount and a giraffe i still have today. Well when i came home i was in big trouble because i got a card for a silly game that cost 40$, i don't think i could make that anymore trouble some when i tell that i picked the low card game gear and barely figured out that my pet giraffe could cast this was after i figured out that there was Wizard101 Youtubers the one i watched was Mscourtneyolivia which till this day i still watch. After i leveled up my dear giraffe pet i used it for a while and then i ran out of membership as i was in krokotopia i could honestly say that back then i did not play wizard101 as much as i do now. so i am going to skip in till i get to Christmas of that same year. where i got a regular one and got myself up to Avalon and as i was leveling up to lvl 76 and stayed that year for 2 years i was busy with things and such. i watch some videos of people playing wizard101 and i followed them every time till finally i lost membership and had to stop. The next time i got membership was when i was 15 and got membership as a gift from a friend of mine. i used it in till i ran out but by then i started my little blog on duelist and made a twitter account for me:@mikecars15 which is where i meet such amazing people and then one day i thought about writing my own personal blog. Finally here i am writing this to my readers.

Tips on how to get a better house Today!

Well i thought about how many people house in wizard101, i thought about writing about all the ideas that you can do with houses since it first started it does help to have someone who knows a little about how to make each room special in it's own way, The houses differ from what you can do if you were to build a red barn farm with plants in the houses as well as outside maybe you could go with a plant room, you could add ferns and trees and maybe glitch some things on to the tree. I think if you can make one good plant house with it. I had a few ideas if you don't own this house if you have a school house then i would make seem like the opposite school type lives there, i would add fire things to the ice school so that way people can't tell what school you are. Why would you do this. Some person might say. well you would do this because it's fun and what better way to make someone confused than to stick fire things in a ice house. When i think of all the things everyone in wizard101 has done, i really do feel proud than i can call my self a wizard. I would love it if you could share you ideas in the comments and maybe post pics of what your house is like.

Here are a couple of photos in my house, well at least the before of it:

Garden Gear

Sorry i have not made a post in two weeks i sadly had a lot on my mind like homework and etc. Anyways i want to talk about energy gear which is very useful in wizard101, it's the difference of planting and training your pet to mega or even fishing to having to wait two-three days to get what you could already get from just simply buying a couple packs( let's face it a hundred packs), A crown shop gear or even getting one from a drop. So the other day i was doing a waterworks run like most high level wizards who hate tartarus and got a drop that i have only got once in my life. which is a boot that give +8 energy to the person wearing it. I like this idea of us getting good energy gear as drops. I read at duelist that they have a this guide that tells you gears from drops, crafting, crown shop and packs which i find to be really cool. You get to do theses things in a wizard game you would not expect to be in one. I have founded out that if you do the spiral cup, than you have a chance to get energy gear from packs as drops which i tested as sadly no luck. That could be due to the fact i only went once and did not go after that. When you are a low lvl wizard the energy on gears can really boost you and this also works for high lvl wizards don't want to leave them out of this, Say if you have 100 energy on you and you were to put on the energy from the wyvern pack that gives 69 to you and rings and anthem which gives like 12 that gets you a total of 181. That is a huge difference in fishing, training and gardening. If you would like a link to the guide i used in order to get gear it is here:  http://www.duelist101.com/other-w101-guides/w101-farming-guides/wizard101-energy/

Pirate Elfs

Welcome all to the pirate elfs post, we are gathered here to tell what is going to be is this amazing section of the blog. Today i thought about discussing the talents of the pirate elfs no not real elfs but pets, I only call them that cause they help us in battle. i have seen quite a few pets that have really good talents but not one them i understood as a person who played wizard101 forever i never really understood what these talents did or how they even helped you in till now. I will be teaching you what you should have on your pet for each class in the upcoming post, but till then how about i just tell you what each talents do and how you can get a good pet on pirate101. First lets talk about the the good talents vs the bad talents. Ok the good talents at least in my opinion are:

Bladestorm 1 : Every turn, make a bonus attack after you defeat a enemy

Bloodsuck 2: Gives 50% back to you that is given so like scarcrow in wizard101.

Flanking 2 : once per turn, you make a bonus sneak attack when flanking up to three turns(

Enhanced Damage 2 : which gives 15% damage or weapon damage

Loyal 1 and 2 : Both do the same thing it gives you a better chance of your pet showing up in battle

Merciless 2 : gives a finshing attack when you are vs wounded enemies
Pirate 2 : it gives you 25% damage and 25% accuracy

Relentless 1: Bonus attack if you hit

Repel Boarders 2 : Bonus attack when a enemy approaches

Riposte 1 : Gives a bonus attack when the enemy misses

Sneaky Sneaky 1 : May hide at the end of each turn

Vengeance Strike 1 : Every turn you make a bonus attack after enemy hits

Witch Hunter 2 : Bonus attack if enemy uses magic

Those are just the Good talents in my opinion, So for the Bad ones there a couple are:

Poisonous 1 : Not very useful in if you are any other class then swashbuckler

Follow Through 1 : It would be nice if it was not a random attack

Feeding Frenzy 1 and 2 : See it would be very useful if this was if your were almost dead and were about to end, but if your about to start seems useless


These are a way of determine i have not added them all becuase i want you to stay awake during this post and not fall asleep. There will be a second part determine which one you should use in pvp and which ones could be worked on. Till then i hope you follow this guide to determine if your pet has good talents or if it needs work. 

Affordable Pets

So in wizard101 they are so many pets and so many talents that each one has it's almost like Pokemon, except these pets are not wild before you get them. Pets in the spiral have really taken off they even have a fan site for them. I know pet talents are very unique to each person and they cost a lot in you don't have membership and things to sell. so today i thought about explain what affordable pets you can have, but still have thoses talents you need. You might be thinking this is just like a commercial about weight loss or something in that manner. The best pet you can get right off the bat on this month is the frankenbunny which has a healing talent in it. If you don't want that type of pet which most people do not want. Then one of the pets given by Gisele moon bow the pet shopkeeper is where you need to go. She has several pets up for sell which if you work harder and get it to adult you might just have a perfect pet. Gisele has for sell a blood bat and a piggle for myth wizards, a unicorn and a imp for life wizards, a fire cat for fire wizards and a dragon for balance wizards. Those may help you get some damage or accuracy for the pet you want.  After you have chosen the pet you want then  you start to train if you don't train the pet to the next lvl don't feel sad just continue to get and sooner or later you will get the pet to adult. The start pets that they sell have a lot of selfish talents which is okay since you are beginning to get the pet you want. So once you get the pet you want you have to now hybrid it which seems pointless to tell you if you already know this and don't need help with this type of pet problem. There is no bad pet in wizards there is just bad talents. The fire wing i trained up to epic got talents that were never in it's pool, I had to train it up to adult and then i hatch with my friends pets so that way you can start training it up. If you can't find someone to hatch with and you need someone to hatch with you then you can count on me, All you have to is tell me where and when to meet you in pet pavilion. There are tons of people on the Internet who can help you i now so many people who have helped me from doing a blog to getting the perfect pet. I have to say it may look easy on this blog but it is very difficult to get a pet to adult or get a pet the talent you want. If you are a member and have no crowns to buy couch plants than i would go to grizzleheim and battle the trouble warriors because then drop it more than the rest do ( just remember to do the battles solo so you have a better shot at it.)  These are just my opinion on theses types of pet.

Pirate101 Section

The game that may be a sequel to Wizard101 or maybe just another mmo game with characteristics similar to wizard101, maybe you think it's both you decide. I personal feel this is both the way pirate101 works is very similar to wizard101. I remember when it first came out in 2012, i was like skeptical on it, i think what made me feel disappointed on it was the before thoughts i had like oh this will totally be like wizard101 with you in a four circle battle but nope i got on it was battleship type battle. After i got use to it i decide it was OK, but i did not really like the ship game play which was like the one of the main parts of pirate101. There is a lot more on pirate101 for everyone like a pet spot which in till i got back on it i never knew and way more but i can't tell you that now you will see it in future post. The sections gears,pets,housing and events will cover all of those things but maybe it will have guides to getting the best looking things or best stats on pirate101. Well stay tuned for those things.

Wizard101 Section

Well now remember when i said i would be making another post well here it is, This one with introduce some excited content on this side of the blog Wizard101! They first thing i like to cover is what sections of things i will be discussing in each of the category's which by the way i have to say thank you again for the amazing tips you gave me on how to do each section. I will be splitting each part up into four category's which include gears,pets,housing and events that happen in wizard101. There will be a post on a different subject in either the pirate101 section or the wizard101 section so if you don't find a post on either website than you can check my twitter and i everyday unless i got super tired and can't do anything which i will tell you if i do, but if not than i will give a link to the new post so that way you don't have to go looking Thur each of the parts and will have more time enjoying my new post wow i am saying post a lot wish there was a new word for postings things up. anyways i just want everyone to be caution about this. On to further news Wizard101 has grown to be a ten world place which has many different types of gears and pets to have so maybe in a couple posts they will be about which i think are the best for level for your school so stay turn for this and many more in the future.

My First Blog Post

Hi I am Michael Moonhunter i was kinda terrified to do my own blog because it take a lot of commitment to keep and it also means i have to do grammar check over the post before i post it which i have to say might happen alot. Anyways i will be talking about What is going on in the spiral and my point of view on it. The very beginning of my journey start about three months ago when i found out there was this special community of bloggers who were discussing topics on there own private blog. I made a blog that same day after i thought i was not getting my point of view across in the comments. The blog i made will still be up after this post, The truth is i kinda don't wanna delete it seeing as it was the Blog that started it all. I have loved wizard101 and pirate101 since it started.
Now i think it's time i tell you about my wizards and pirates that i have, the first i have is Michael moonhunter he is max lvl. I had to stop at Avalon for personal problems it took me about four weeks after khrysalis part 2 came out to finish his lvl. I forgot to say that when i first toke the quiz that they have i got the fire and i have never to the quiz since then i skip  just in case i won't get fire again.The next one i have my life wizard, i made him second after moonhunter i chose that wizard because i have seen all the cool healing life wizards could do and wanted to make it the critical healer of the group. i have not trained him past lvl 30 because i got bored and moved on to my next wizard which is storm. My storm wizard is the only wizard i would chose if i skipped the test the first time due to the damage they do. Those are my only wizards on my account now lets talk about pirate101 characters. The first time pirate101 came out i was kinda sceptical about it because it was really hard to get around the four circle and into this battleship looking well battle. I first took the test which i got buccaneer on which i have to was not the best in my opinion i only got to lvl 11 on it and then i quit it cause i got so bored of it, but after a while like say a couple months i went back to it and got witchdoctor which i really like because of the way he looks and of course the spells he has. I don't think i have trained him past lvl 9 due to the fact i have no membership. i will soon so i can do the mooshu tower which seems really cool. OK now i thought i could started discussing the topics and or the schedule time of my post being posted. i can only post on Saturdays and Sundays because i have school and homework to due but if i have enough time i will post on special day like my birthday which is on 31 on October i pretty luck people ask " do you get candy and a cake?" i say yes they get jello well i hope they get jello.Anyways the topics i could chose from are like special events that happen in wizard101 like the box events. Which i have to say if you don't know by now a total Doctor who spin off if you would call a spin off. I think it is very brave of them to make this type of risk it could have backed fired on them like people could have said "they did such a terrible job on making this seem like doctor who"
I was disappointed that we did not join him to become his companion or that we did not find out more about old cobs and who his little minions are. I like it though bravo ki you have my thumbs up. The creatable mounts are a whole different topic i could talk about in my next post, but other than that i have to wraps this up or i will  end up writing a whole book on wizard101 and pirate101. This was fun writing to whoever reads this i will write more maybe not as long as this but close to the same amount. I look fore ward to hearing what you have to tell me and maybe you have topics that are not being explained to you in a way that you can understand.