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Well now remember when i said i would be making another post well here it is, This one with introduce some excited content on this side of the blog Wizard101! They first thing i like to cover is what sections of things i will be discussing in each of the category's which by the way i have to say thank you again for the amazing tips you gave me on how to do each section. I will be splitting each part up into four category's which include gears,pets,housing and events that happen in wizard101. There will be a post on a different subject in either the pirate101 section or the wizard101 section so if you don't find a post on either website than you can check my twitter and i everyday unless i got super tired and can't do anything which i will tell you if i do, but if not than i will give a link to the new post so that way you don't have to go looking Thur each of the parts and will have more time enjoying my new post wow i am saying post a lot wish there was a new word for postings things up. anyways i just want everyone to be caution about this. On to further news Wizard101 has grown to be a ten world place which has many different types of gears and pets to have so maybe in a couple posts they will be about which i think are the best for level for your school so stay turn for this and many more in the future.

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