Affordable Pets

So in wizard101 they are so many pets and so many talents that each one has it's almost like Pokemon, except these pets are not wild before you get them. Pets in the spiral have really taken off they even have a fan site for them. I know pet talents are very unique to each person and they cost a lot in you don't have membership and things to sell. so today i thought about explain what affordable pets you can have, but still have thoses talents you need. You might be thinking this is just like a commercial about weight loss or something in that manner. The best pet you can get right off the bat on this month is the frankenbunny which has a healing talent in it. If you don't want that type of pet which most people do not want. Then one of the pets given by Gisele moon bow the pet shopkeeper is where you need to go. She has several pets up for sell which if you work harder and get it to adult you might just have a perfect pet. Gisele has for sell a blood bat and a piggle for myth wizards, a unicorn and a imp for life wizards, a fire cat for fire wizards and a dragon for balance wizards. Those may help you get some damage or accuracy for the pet you want.  After you have chosen the pet you want then  you start to train if you don't train the pet to the next lvl don't feel sad just continue to get and sooner or later you will get the pet to adult. The start pets that they sell have a lot of selfish talents which is okay since you are beginning to get the pet you want. So once you get the pet you want you have to now hybrid it which seems pointless to tell you if you already know this and don't need help with this type of pet problem. There is no bad pet in wizards there is just bad talents. The fire wing i trained up to epic got talents that were never in it's pool, I had to train it up to adult and then i hatch with my friends pets so that way you can start training it up. If you can't find someone to hatch with and you need someone to hatch with you then you can count on me, All you have to is tell me where and when to meet you in pet pavilion. There are tons of people on the Internet who can help you i now so many people who have helped me from doing a blog to getting the perfect pet. I have to say it may look easy on this blog but it is very difficult to get a pet to adult or get a pet the talent you want. If you are a member and have no crowns to buy couch plants than i would go to grizzleheim and battle the trouble warriors because then drop it more than the rest do ( just remember to do the battles solo so you have a better shot at it.)  These are just my opinion on theses types of pet.

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