Blue Bird Event

This was a great day for all twitter users and wizard101 players,because today is the blue bird fishing event. It started out as a meet up and then got into fishing. You might say it was both of them. Next year will be different. Oh right i forgot to tell you that this will yearly thing every time on the june 20. I hope to see a lot more people next year, but i did have alot of fun and went fishing that was maybe some of the best to date for me.

Well i will see you around and have a great day

The New Wizard101 Update

Well it's time for that year in the spiral were we get a new update for spring, Like spring cleaning except without cleaning and instead with Update. The Biggest Update In A while brought new things like Jewel socketing for anthem,rings and amulets. These bring new and creative ideas to what our wizard could do. I have a lot of jewels, the one i think would be the most useful is peirce. There will be guides in the future for all your jewels need, if i find it will post it. I would like to apologized for how long i have not written post, i will start back up not only to say what i have to say, but to give you all the info required to succeeded in battles, farming and even jewel hunting.

Bling Deck

Excuse me for this important announcement we got new info on a update that may come to the spiral, in the new newsletter we got info that states we may get new bling decks. Now it may not seem as a lot but to us wizard101 fans it is. The new bling decks will most likely have new stats on it which we may  have never seen before. Those stats can help us defeat the next boss and what not. i think that the bling decks will bring stun to us and maybe give us the opportunity to get a spell that give our team immune to stun or what ever it does. this may not be a in depth post on this, but there is not a lot to go on.  What does this mean for future gear and how does this help us? are question i will answer as soon as i get the info.

The link will help anyone :

The PRE-Crowfall Spectacular

The game that has been hitting every one's mind is that of a game called Crowfall, this "Throne-War" MMO is all about a character in which you control a character of the 12 that are pre-made. This game is brought to us by j.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have made game such as wizard101 and star wars just to name a few of what these inspiring guys have done. The game sets in a two world where you are either have unlimited resources or a campaign world where there is limited resources for you to use. The map is divided up into sections which are by easiest to hardiest is eternal kingdom,  the infected. the shadow and the dregs.  As time goes on your hero can collect disciplines which can alter your abilities and strengths, those are archery,  blacksmithing and bounty hunter. In my case i would go archery it seems like it would be the funniest to do and great range ( if you have ever played ash in LOL than you might get when i say i hope it is like that.)  They needed a 800,000 goal from kick start but they have gotten to the point where they are over it and have reached one million which is a big set goal for them. I might play this game just to see if it is good or not. my laptop seems to be overheating when it comes to play games like this so fingers crossed that it works for me. If i am able to play the game then you can expect that i will write everything down for my readers and then i will post it as soon as i can.  I will have to wait to write my next post i am on the 6th beta group so i will not be able to see all the new info. Does not seem right to give a donation to something that i feel might not even be fun to play in till it comes out.  If you do want to give a donation or register here are the links to bother of the sites

The Event of Wizard101

Well before i start i would just like to say how sorry i am for not making a post in a while due to laptop failures,but never the less i am back and ready to inform all my readers of the event of wizard101. Now there is no wizard101 birthday coming up or a event in which i could express my feelings of it. Since this is the first post i thought i would write about the event that started it all and my point of view. I joined this great community last year and i have gotten a lot of help from people who were more experience in being a social wizard. I use to just play wizard101 because i thought it was the best game i had ever played and then when i figured out you could blog about this wonderful spiral my characters live in it not only opened my eyes but changed how i would play the game forever. You must being thinking is he just talking about being a wizard101 player on social stuff and the answer is no, because i have yet to tell you how i got to this place in time.
When i was around 12 years old i came home one day and my older sister informed me that she started playing wizard101 (she has sadly stopped playing now due to her getting bored of it) which i see how she could have gotten bored, when you first start off at a young age and have no way of getting membership, you will finish the free part of it and just stop playing. Maybe wizard101 would have more people playing if you could access more content as a free player, not saying that i am not grateful just saying i and others might get bored if all we can do is play up in till Triton avenue which is not hard at all to get to.  Anyways as i was saying i begin to play that game after my sister got me into the game, we tried to get other family members into our wizard101 group but it did not come as natural to them as it did to us. we simply played and then stopped. My birthday was just around the corner and i had decided that i wanted a wizard101 membership card and just a regular membership card i wanted the first every one to come out. I wanted the super bundle which came with the first ever second person mount and a giraffe i still have today. Well when i came home i was in big trouble because i got a card for a silly game that cost 40$, i don't think i could make that anymore trouble some when i tell that i picked the low card game gear and barely figured out that my pet giraffe could cast this was after i figured out that there was Wizard101 Youtubers the one i watched was Mscourtneyolivia which till this day i still watch. After i leveled up my dear giraffe pet i used it for a while and then i ran out of membership as i was in krokotopia i could honestly say that back then i did not play wizard101 as much as i do now. so i am going to skip in till i get to Christmas of that same year. where i got a regular one and got myself up to Avalon and as i was leveling up to lvl 76 and stayed that year for 2 years i was busy with things and such. i watch some videos of people playing wizard101 and i followed them every time till finally i lost membership and had to stop. The next time i got membership was when i was 15 and got membership as a gift from a friend of mine. i used it in till i ran out but by then i started my little blog on duelist and made a twitter account for me:@mikecars15 which is where i meet such amazing people and then one day i thought about writing my own personal blog. Finally here i am writing this to my readers.