Emperya, Pets and Things


While I once said that I would be back very soon, I did not know how long that would be. I do apologize for never writing something a day, week or even a month after writing the post saying I would be back. I do hope that you will forgive me and continue to read my blog. It's not something I mean to do in fact most of this was caused by my schooling, you see I have decided to continue my studies in two majors and not one making it very time-consuming. However, I digress and must say that I am back and ready to help anyone in any kingisle game. So I thought since today was my first time writing in a while I would discuss something mellow and laid back, hmm how about wizard101, which has been jam-packed with a new world, a world that can be beaten in 17 hours (i needed to know the ending to this) and oh boy was I happy to find out. That is very mellow and laidback but how about we take a new route instead let's talk about the pets in the world we play and the one we live in. I recently got a parrot, named Libby and boy is she a treat. Libby kinda looks like the macaw from wizard101 except less red and more purple. I found her at the pet store where I got my use to be missing cat named Ollie. Another new face is my dryad pet named miss holly, a pet my life wizard cannot live without. If I don't say so myself miss holy and Libby the parrot could be related. Although I would not count my feathers on that. Thank you for reading and I hope to continue to be a source that you can trust.

A Post for A New Beginning

Welcome Back, All yer Long time viewers boy it's been a very long time since i posted a post. With new things in the spiral i must make sure that we get things first settled with everything that already happened. The Wizards were on their way to defeat old cob and the pirates were are there way to defeat the pirate queen, they also received a bunch of new pets to collect from drops or packs and hybrids of old pets. We will see a lot of new things in the future and while i may have taken a back seat for wizard101 and pirate101 but i still am your Kingisle gamer and will make sure that you get the best information that is out there. Thank You for being Kingisle Gamer yourself and watch out for new things to come in the future, because like the game we are always expanding.