The PRE-Crowfall Spectacular

The game that has been hitting every one's mind is that of a game called Crowfall, this "Throne-War" MMO is all about a character in which you control a character of the 12 that are pre-made. This game is brought to us by j.Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton who have made game such as wizard101 and star wars just to name a few of what these inspiring guys have done. The game sets in a two world where you are either have unlimited resources or a campaign world where there is limited resources for you to use. The map is divided up into sections which are by easiest to hardiest is eternal kingdom,  the infected. the shadow and the dregs.  As time goes on your hero can collect disciplines which can alter your abilities and strengths, those are archery,  blacksmithing and bounty hunter. In my case i would go archery it seems like it would be the funniest to do and great range ( if you have ever played ash in LOL than you might get when i say i hope it is like that.)  They needed a 800,000 goal from kick start but they have gotten to the point where they are over it and have reached one million which is a big set goal for them. I might play this game just to see if it is good or not. my laptop seems to be overheating when it comes to play games like this so fingers crossed that it works for me. If i am able to play the game then you can expect that i will write everything down for my readers and then i will post it as soon as i can.  I will have to wait to write my next post i am on the 6th beta group so i will not be able to see all the new info. Does not seem right to give a donation to something that i feel might not even be fun to play in till it comes out.  If you do want to give a donation or register here are the links to bother of the sites

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