Pirate101 Section

The game that may be a sequel to Wizard101 or maybe just another mmo game with characteristics similar to wizard101, maybe you think it's both you decide. I personal feel this is both the way pirate101 works is very similar to wizard101. I remember when it first came out in 2012, i was like skeptical on it, i think what made me feel disappointed on it was the before thoughts i had like oh this will totally be like wizard101 with you in a four circle battle but nope i got on it was battleship type battle. After i got use to it i decide it was OK, but i did not really like the ship game play which was like the one of the main parts of pirate101. There is a lot more on pirate101 for everyone like a pet spot which in till i got back on it i never knew and way more but i can't tell you that now you will see it in future post. The sections gears,pets,housing and events will cover all of those things but maybe it will have guides to getting the best looking things or best stats on pirate101. Well stay tuned for those things.

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