Pirate Elfs

Welcome all to the pirate elfs post, we are gathered here to tell what is going to be is this amazing section of the blog. Today i thought about discussing the talents of the pirate elfs no not real elfs but pets, I only call them that cause they help us in battle. i have seen quite a few pets that have really good talents but not one them i understood as a person who played wizard101 forever i never really understood what these talents did or how they even helped you in till now. I will be teaching you what you should have on your pet for each class in the upcoming post, but till then how about i just tell you what each talents do and how you can get a good pet on pirate101. First lets talk about the the good talents vs the bad talents. Ok the good talents at least in my opinion are:

Bladestorm 1 : Every turn, make a bonus attack after you defeat a enemy

Bloodsuck 2: Gives 50% back to you that is given so like scarcrow in wizard101.

Flanking 2 : once per turn, you make a bonus sneak attack when flanking up to three turns(

Enhanced Damage 2 : which gives 15% damage or weapon damage

Loyal 1 and 2 : Both do the same thing it gives you a better chance of your pet showing up in battle

Merciless 2 : gives a finshing attack when you are vs wounded enemies
Pirate 2 : it gives you 25% damage and 25% accuracy

Relentless 1: Bonus attack if you hit

Repel Boarders 2 : Bonus attack when a enemy approaches

Riposte 1 : Gives a bonus attack when the enemy misses

Sneaky Sneaky 1 : May hide at the end of each turn

Vengeance Strike 1 : Every turn you make a bonus attack after enemy hits

Witch Hunter 2 : Bonus attack if enemy uses magic

Those are just the Good talents in my opinion, So for the Bad ones there a couple are:

Poisonous 1 : Not very useful in if you are any other class then swashbuckler

Follow Through 1 : It would be nice if it was not a random attack

Feeding Frenzy 1 and 2 : See it would be very useful if this was if your were almost dead and were about to end, but if your about to start seems useless


These are a way of determine i have not added them all becuase i want you to stay awake during this post and not fall asleep. There will be a second part determine which one you should use in pvp and which ones could be worked on. Till then i hope you follow this guide to determine if your pet has good talents or if it needs work. 

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