Wizard101 Jewels

the jewels that i have seen and collected since the fateful day when we got them, i have been finding more and more about them. i think there are very useful one's although i do think that there could be improvements to what we have so far. but how am i to talk i can barely juggle my life as it is and i don't have a idea how kingsisle does it. I want to say that by now you know your opinion on what is useful and what is not useful so i won't bore you with what i think, i'll just leave that to other people to tell you what you should do which is not a bad thing but at this moment i am no way able to make a guide for you the readers. i once decided to make a blog with duelist101 and they by the way have one hell of a community, people were so nice i kinda think sometimes to go write another piece there but then i think i can't do two blogs at the same time. so i stop. i hope everyone continues to read my blog despite the fact i have not been on here since the summer.

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